What is LIMA Fusion Cuisine?

LIMA Fusion Cuisine is the most stimulating fusion of Mediterranean and Peruvian cuisine with flavours from other cultures. Without neglecting the variety on the menu, the richness of the sea and the fresh products are its main ingredients. All dishes have a history of flavours and encounters behind them, they are simple in their execution and are made to simply be enjoyed. It is the place you will want to discover, that place with a good atmosphere that becomes the table for a special celebration, and that makes any meeting, lunch or dinner unique. It is intimate and special at the same time.

The alchemy of the explosion of cultures

Here, the mixture is made on a Mediterranean basis, which adds one of the richest traditions in popular Peruvian cuisine. There are also spicy and oriental touches, which bring new flavours to the beloved and well-known dishes. Thus, LIMA Fusion Cuisine has something surprising, which happens with the ingredients when there is a creative burst.

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