LIMA is the most stimulating fusion of Mediterranean and Peruvian cuisine with flavours from other cultures.

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A cuisine of encounters

In LIMA Fusion Cuisine, the Mediterranean and the Pacific merge, bringing along a proposal of Peruvian-Mediterranean food. This gastronomic proposal is sustained by the fusion of culinary flavours from different cultures; in its freshness, in the quality and nobility of the ingredients; celebrating the friendliest and most tasteful aspect of these coastal cultures. The cuisine of LIMA adds an oriental touch, emulating that spark that ignites with the encounter of cultures and ingredients that enhance the flavours.

Who is our chef?

Lima is the city of childhood and youth of our chef and co-owner Vanessa Salazar. She has lived and worked in Spain for 16 years, the last 15 of them in Valencia, and despite those years of European experience, Chef Salazar always carries with her those first flavours of her childhood and youth in Lima, the capital of Peru. She transfers her memories into a culinary proposal that is also a reflection of her own interests and her own life. In addition, coastal cities (such as Valencia and Lima) always have a special flavour and atmosphere, and that is well known by those who enjoy the Mediterranean and the Pacific life. LIMA Fusion Cuisine collects those sensations and builds an environment that makes you want to keep coming.

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